Wild's Matt Dumba gives anti-racism speech prior to playoff game

The Wild defenseman gave his speech as the Western Conference began its qualifying round in Edmonton.
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Matt Dumba

Minnesota Wild defenseman Matthew Dumba gave an anti-racism speech moments before the Western Conference Qualifying Rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs began in Edmonton.

Before a national television audience, Dumba addressed the COVID-19 pandemic and hoped that the return of the NHL would help bring some normalcy to fans, but then turned to the topic of systemic racism which has been in the news since the death of George Floyd this past May.

"Racism is a man-made creation and all it does is deteriorate from our collective prosperity," Dumba said. "Racism is everywhere...and we need to fight against it."

Dumba is one of the founders of the Hockey Diversity Alliance that is helping to end racism and make kids feel safe, comfortable, and free-minded when they enter an arena. 

As one of the key figures of the group, Dumba has helped organize a fundraiser to help rebuild Lake Street in the wake of the riots that were spawned with Floyd's death.

"I stand in front of you today on behalf of those groups and promise you we will fight against injustice and fight for what is right." Dumba said. "I hope this inspires a new generation of hockey players and hockey fans because Black Lives Matter. Breonna Taylor's life mattered. Hockey is a great game but it can be a whole lot greater and it starts with all of us."

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