Wolves announcer Dave Benz tries to coin new term, is surprised that 'shart' already exists

Innocence is bliss.
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Dave Benz, Jim Petersen

God bless Timberwolves TV announcer Dave Benz, whose mind clearly stays out of the gutter. 

During Friday night's Wolves-Rockets broadcast on Fox Sports North, Benz mistakenly blended two words, "shot" and "chart," into one word: shart. Unfortunately, sharts are real and they have nothing to do with basketball. Here's how the hilarious innocence played out between Benz and analyst Jim Petersen. 

Benz: "What do you think of that new word I just accidentally coined? Shart. Should we go with that for shot chart?"

Petersen: "That's already been used." 

Benz: "Shart's been used?"

Petersen: (laughing) "Yeah. We'll just leave it at that, Benz." 

Benz: "OK. I'm in the dark on that one, so for everybody out there..." 

Petersen: "Oh yeah, you're going to be getting a lot of action on Twitter on that." 

Extended versions of that dialogue include Petersen asking Benz if he's ever seen the 2004 movie "Along Came Polly," which is credited for popularizing the term during a scene in which Phillip Seymour Hoffman's character has to explain to Ben Stiller's character what a shart is.

Don't worry, Mr. Benz. You should be proud that you've managed to avoid talking about sharts for the last 15+ years while the rest of us degenerates should hang our heads in embarrassment. 

Anyway, the Wolves didn't win the game and have now lost eight straight as they continue to spiral downward in the NBA standings. 

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