Wolves face 2-time MVP Steph Curry, who doesn't believe in the moon landing

Tonight's game will be played under the moon in California.
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Steph Curry

If given a chance to take a shot from the moon, Steph Curry could probably make it. 

Now if only it was possible to get to the moon. 

Curry, the two-time NBA MVP point guard of the Golden State Warriors, announced during a podcast that he doesn't think the moon landing ever happened. He was a guest on The Ringer's "Winging It" podcast with Atlanta Hawks players Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore when he brought up the moon landing. 

"We ever been to the moon?" Curry asked, following another conversation that questioned how anyone really knows what sounds dinosaurs made. 

Carter, Bazemore and Warriors forward Andre Iguodala all responded: "Nope." 

"They're gonna come get us, I don't think so either," Curry replied. "I"m sorry, I'm starting conspiracies."

History would lead one to believe that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the lunar module Eagle on the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969. 

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Anyway, Curry has the right to believe whatever he wants, just like how Kyrie Irving in 2017 publicly acknowledged that he was convinced the Earth is flat, to which he's since come around to believing the more likely truth that there is no cliff or edge of the world. 

The Wolves face the Warriors at Oracle Arena at 9:30 p.m., but we sincerely doubt Curry's conspiracy theory drama will stop him from scoring 30 points and hitting shots from 25 feet. 

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