Wolves fire back at hate-filled comments in Instagram post

Wolves GM Scott Layden was in New York celebrating Pride on Sunday.
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An Instagram post showing Timberwolves general manager Scott Layden participating in Sunday's New York City Pride festivities has been marred by hate-filled comments – and the Wolves are firing back.

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The comments, some of which are seen in the screen shot to the right, show some of the fans who threatened to stop following the Wolves for supporting the LGBTQ community. 

But instead of sitting back and allowing the bigotry to slide, the Wolves responded. 

For example, commenter "@jhulsey22" said: "This is post is boutta result in a unfollow."

First, that's horrible grammar. Second, the Wolves replied: "@jhulsey22 good luck finding a new team to follow that doesn’t support a diverse, inclusive culture." 

Another hater "@paytonstinson" said that Minnesota's support for Pride is why they aren't winning championships. The Wolves pounced back: "hmm... @warriors, you celebrate #PRIDE, right?"

Here's a look at more of the Wolves' responses to ugly comments. 

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Here's the full Instagram post showing Layden in New York. 

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