Xavier Rhodes, Stefon Diggs say they got Mike Zimmer's message loud and clear

Diggs and Rhodes got into it during recent training camp practices.
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Stefon Diggs and Xavier Rhodes were back on the practice field Thursday, one day after being benched and kept inside after getting into what head coach Mike Zimmer called a "juvenile" trash-talking dispute. 

"They did not make me happy," Zimmer said following Wednesday's practice, noting that neither was missing because of injury, but rather, "undisciplined stuff." 

Diggs and Rhodes have had mostly friendly trash-talking spats throughout training camp, but it got a little more wicked on Tuesday and it carried over into Wednesday morning's walkthrough practice. ESPN's Courtney Cronin said things heated up when Diggs caught a 50-yard touchdown pass against Rhodes and threw the ball into the stands.  

"You know, if you ever got into with your sibling over the last cookie, it's always fun afterward," Diggs said Thursday. "It's not like you have to bury the hatchet, there was nothing there. Just two competitive guys wanting to go at it each and every day, that's all." 

Rhodes agreed, referring to their dust up as "brotherly love" that they're already over.

When asked Thursday about putting Diggs and Rhodes in a sibling-like "timeout," Zimmer said: "There was no timeout. I just decided to do what I did, and everything's good."  

Did Diggs and Rhodes get Zimmer's message?

“We’re accountable for it,” said Rhodes. “They’re holding us accountable for it because we’re leaders of our team, and it’s something we went through, a rough patch, but it’s good now. It’s over and done with. We’re still going to compete each and every day.”

Rhodes added that Zimmer wanted both to know that neither is bigger than the team. 

Star players jawing back and forth at this stage of training camp should be expected, and if anyone is wondering if Diggs and Rhodes get along otherwise, look no further than this friendly tweet Rhodes sent Diggs after Diggs signed a contract extension with the Vikings last week. 

Not only that, but Rhodes, literally 10 days ago, told NFL Network that he and Diggs fight in practice every day to set the competitive tone for younger players. 

"We fight every day in practice. We go at it every day in practice, me and him and Thielen and the rest of the receivers," Rhodes said. "With him and Thielen being the leaders of the receiving corp, I fight them guys the best so we can set examples for the younger guys." 

The Vikings are traveling to Denver on Friday and then playing the Broncos in their first preseason game on Saturday night. 

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