You can watch the Vikings and Rams on TV or online Thursday night

The Amazon Prime Video feed with Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer will employ an entirely new approach to calling a game.
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It's game day for the Minnesota Vikings as they kickoff against the Los Angeles Rams at 7:20 p.m., and fans will be able to watch the game through a number of mediums. 

The national television broadcast is on FOX and NFL Network with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the call. It'll also be available on the typical NFL Sunday Ticket via DirecTV. The third option that doesn't exist for fans every week is a streaming telecast through Amazon Prime Video

What's exciting about the Amazon Prime Video option is that fans will be able to choose their audio feed, which includes the first all-female broadcast team in NFL history with NFL Network/HBO reporter Andrea Kremer and ESPN SportsCenter anchor Hannah Storm. 

Unlike a typical announcer booth that focuses on what the cameras capture, Storm told the New York Times that they'll talk about the game through their perspective, and in a way that resembles what they do best: tell stories. 

"We are a different option. This is a game from our perspective. We are going to do a lot of storytelling," said Storm. "We do not have charge of the video. You are going to see us talking about things that might not necessarily match the picture on the screen. There’s going to be a lot of conversations. We will have guests at times."

Storm added that they won't even be at the game, so while they'll have Fox's camera feed the feel of the broadcast will be entirely new. 

"We are not at the game, so if you are expecting to turn it on and see some of what you’ve been used to seeing, that’s not what is going to be happening," she said.

Other audio options provided by Amazon will be the Fox broadcast with Buck and Aikman, a Spanish-language team and a broadcast team featuring English-language announcers from the United Kingdom.

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