Youth soccer tournament bans parents and coaches from the sidelines

They also won't be allowed to give the referees any abuse.
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Organizers of a children's soccer tournament in Eden Prairie are demanding good behavior ... from their parents.

That's the rules according to Life Time, which is banning parents from watching on the sidelines at its Life Time Sport Freedom Cup this weekend.

The youth soccer tournament at Life Time's athletics center at Winter Park, Eden Prairie, has stipulated that parents will not be allowed to "view the game up close."

In announcing the policy, Life Time cited "unfortunate youth sports stories surfacing about a parent yelling at a referee, coach, umpire, or even the kids playing."

"With a recent poll from the National Alliance for Youth Sports showing that 70 percent of kids stop playing sports by 13 and never play again, it’s no surprise that out of control parents are a problem for youth sports right now," it added.

Spectators – and coaches – therefore will have to make do with watching the game from a distance, with Life Time saying that "no interaction with referees will be allowed," save for "applause."

The June 1-2 event is being run in coordination with the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association, with Life Time saying it's "about giving kids the freedom to make their own decisions and have fun playing soccer."

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