A bit of a heat wave is headed for Minnesota

It's been a much cooler than normal start to summer.
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It doesn't look like the temperature will push too far over 90 degrees within the next 7-10 days, but Minnesota's first heat wave – if we can even call it that – of the summer is set to arrive midweek. 

Just how hot is it going to get? The Twin Cities is looking at high temps in the middle 80s to low 90s for at least a week, starting Wednesday. 


According to the Climate Prediction Center, there's at least 60-80 percent chance of above normal temperatures between June 29 and July 3, and a 40-50 percent chance of above normal temperatures through July 7. 

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If it holds true, Minnesota could be looking at a warm Fourth of July weekend. What else is new?

It hasn't reached 80 degrees in the Twin Cities since June 14, and the metro only has one 90-degree day so far this summer. Really, there's only been one stretch of at least three consecutive 80-plus-degree days (June 4-8) since the beginning of May. 

What's crazier is that there have only been 10 days of at least 80 degrees in the Twin Cities since the beginning of April. There were 27 such days at this time a year ago. 

It's been cooler than normal, so the incoming heat might feel more oppressive than it normally would. 

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