Already lots of talk about active severe weather pattern for middle America, possibly Minnesota

It's too early to say if Minnesota will get any severe weather.
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Fans of Mother Nature don't have to look far to see a lot of hype being generated about severe weather potential later this week and next week across the heart of the U.S., possibly as far north as Minnesota. 

It's still way too early to say if Minnesota will be under the gun for strong storms, but the storm chaser and meteorology community is already closely watching potential for bad weather. 

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National Weather Service Twin Cities senior meteorologist Bill Borghoff tweeted a temperature outlook map that shows the Midwest and Plains tucked between cold and warm air masses, which often times serves as the battle ground for storms.

Borghoff wrote: "It's safe to say severe weather is going to be rampant this weekend and next week across the Plains and Midwest." 

Reed Timmer, an extreme storm chaser with AccuWeather, tweeted that the end of this week could be "the start of one of the more active periods this generation of storm chasers will remember!"

Another social media storm chasing outlet, Tornado Titans, tweeted a map that shows above average potential for tornadoes in the heart of America. 

At this point, plenty of people are tossing around terms like "weather terrorist" for these long-range, hype-generating tweets, but even the National Weather Service isn't ignoring the potential, although being very careful as to not fear monger.

Notably, there are about a million variables that won't be known until a day before or even day of the storms – so Friday or Saturday – before any meteorologist can accurately forecast what might happen, and the NWS Twin Cities notes as much in the Monday morning forecast discussion

"For us locally in southern MN and western WI, our local weather will depend on these small scale features, and especially on how far north the warm front lifts and its timing. At this point, not much has changed since the previous forecast - opportunities for severe weather and heavy rainfall could lift into our local area for the weekend, but there is much uncertainty in thunderstorm chances and high temperatures given how dependent it is on the position of the warm front."

If severe weather doesn't reach as far north as Minnesota, a chilly rain event could. That would mean Minnesota stays on the cold side of the storm system, which is entirely possible. 

"It's too soon to determine details such as exactly where the threat will be greatest on each day and the magnitudes of both the tornado and flash flood threats," The Weather Channel says. "But given May's reputation as the peak month for tornadoes in the U.S. and saturated soil from recent heavy rain in the Plains, this active weekend pattern has our attention."

Another example of how closely severe weather experts are paying attention comes from The Weather Channel's Michael Palmer, a senior meteorologist who has been talking about high-end severe potential beginning Friday. 

Clearly, there's a more active weather pattern coming and it will bear paying attention to. Bookmark the Weather MN blog for daily updates

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