Arctic air arrives, more snow coming for the southern half of Minnesota

It'll be cold enough that any precipitation will likely fall as snow.
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A coating of snow and slick roads greeted people in the Twin Cities on Wednesday morning and that cold bite you feel in the air is just the beginning for Minnesotans. 

Temperatures early Wednesday were in the teens and 20s in central and northern Minnesota, and right around the freezing mark in the metro and points south and west. Hate to break it to you, but that's about as good as it's going to get for a while. 

Over the next seven days, high temps in the metro will hang out around the 30-degree mark while lows dip into the teens and 20s. Further north, lows could drop into the single digits while daytime highs struggle to crack the 20-degree mark.

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Our next chance of snow comes Thursday night into Friday, when the National Weather Service says we could "see at least a couple of inches of light snow southwest/south central Minnesota." 

It could mean more travel impacts with slippery roads possible on Friday morning. 

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No major storms are expected, but two or three inches can't be ruled out with the Thursday night/Friday clipper-type system. 

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