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In an odd twist of astronomy and human population demographics, 99% of humans will see at least some light at the same time early Friday morning – the most of at any point in the year.

A viral post on Reddit made the 99% claim, prompting Konstantin Bikos of to fact check it – and find it's pretty darn accurate.

At 6:15 AM (central) Friday morning, 99% of humans will be between dawn and dusk at the same moment. That’s 7.7 billion humans. The main reason for this is that the northern hemisphere has more people than the southern hemisphere (and more land mass). Of course it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and due to all the quirks in time zones and sunrise/sunset time variations, Friday morning is THE moment.

While the claim is technically true, there is a little bit of a caveat. Over a quarter billion people (or 3%) will be just barely in twilight, which will look dark to most of us, especially in urban areas with light pollution. The folks at broke it down to about 93% of people who will actually perceive daylight at that time, still a large sum.

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 6.25.01 PM

Why is July 8 better than June 21, the date of the solstice? It all comes down to how the time of day lines up with the light in the southern hemisphere, and whether the light falls on land or ocean.

As a result, July 8 includes Indonesia and the Philippines, whereas on June 21 it does not.

This fun moment can be celebrated by many except for folks in Australia and New Zealand, who are among the 1% who will still be in nighttime.

You can read more about the math and particulars here, courtesy of Time and Date.

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