Bring an umbrella if you're Black Friday shopping

And the big winter storm for the weekend is staying to Minnesota's south.
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If you'll be done Black Friday shopping before noon in the Twin Cities you'll be spared the rain, but anyone who plans to be out and about Friday afternoon would be wise to bring an umbrella. 

A chilly light rain is expected to fall steadily across eastern Minnesota a quarter to a half-inch expected. Temps will be in the 40s to nearly 50 degrees so it'll be far too warm for any snow. 

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Meanwhile, the strong winter storm forecasters have been watching closely for this weekend continues to show signs that it'll stay too far south to have much of an impact on Minnesota. Sorry, snow lovers, but the big-time snowfall is expected to stay in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois, where some winter storm watches are already in place. 

In fact, the heaviest of the snow, up to 8 inches and 40 mph wind gusts, will be in southern Iowa. This storm system is being steer to Minnesota's south thanks to a strong jet stream that will keep the low pressure system from turning north. 

So what does Minnesota get instead of snow? More cold air. 

Temperatures will cool into the 30s on Saturday and then dip into the 20s Sunday followed by daytime highs in the teens for most of Minnesota on Monday and Tuesday. 


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