Cold enough? Next week will feel like January in Minnesota

Begin the "Novembrrr" jokes in 3...2...1.
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As if trick-or-treating in 30-degree weather wasn't cold enough, Minnesotans are going to get an even colder blast of Arctic air next week. 

The forecast high temps for the middle of next week in the Twin Cities are going to be more like January than early November, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). 

  • Saturday: 38 degrees
  • Sunday: 44 degrees
  • Monday: 40 degrees
  • Tuesday: 29 degrees
  • Wednesday: 28 degrees

"It will remain cold with temperatures averaging 10 to 20 degrees below normal," the NWS says. "There are a few chances of light rain or light snow over the next several days, but any accumulations will be minimal."

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The weather service expects high temps to be stuck in the 20s the middle of next week, with low temps diving into the teens. Single-digit temperatures overnight can't be ruled out. But it might get even colder Nov. 8-9 (Friday, Saturday). 

"Overnight lows could reach below 0 degrees F as far south as Minneapolis," the Climate Prediction Center says in a discussion about a high risk for much below normal temperatures for Nov. 8-14. 

Check out the GFS computer model (GIF may not load in all browsers) showing the temperature pattern Monday through Friday. Green colors are chilly enough, but once the darker shades of blue creep in you know it's really getting cold outside. 


The Climate Prediction Center actually has Minnesota stuck in a cold pattern for the rest of the month. If it holds true, then you might as well kiss comfort goodbye until spring, because the last time we checked, December, January, February and March aren't warm months in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. 

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