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Cold, wet, windy in Minnesota this week; stormy next week

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The National Weather Service made it a point to remind people over the weekend that it snows in the Twin Cities nine out of ten Aprils, with the last snow-free April in the Twin Cities more than a decade ago in 2010.

Minnesotans still have nightmares about the mega blizzard that dumped up to two feet of snow around the metro on April 15, 2018. LOL the Twin Cities got 26.1 inches of snow that April, which is more in one "spring" month than the Twin Cities during the entire 2011-12 winter (22.3 inches).

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This week going to be very on brand for Minnesota spring, with a lingering storm system to bring cold, wet and windy conditions to the region Tuesday through Thursday. 


Winds pick up Tuesday with gusts up to 40-45 mph in some spots. 


It should be mostly rain and some slush in the Twin Cities. 


And looking ahead, we warm up this weekend into early next week and the pattern looks like it could be stormy, which could mean thunderstorms. 


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