Cover all of your plants because it's Minnesota and we get frost in mid-May

It's almost June for crying out loud.
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Mother Nature hates Minnesotans and especially hates all of the hanging baskets you bought over Mother's Day weekend, and because of her hatred she will kill them all unless you cover them Sunday night through Monday morning. 

Seriously, there's a frost advisory in place for pretty much all of Minnesota from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. Monday. There's even a freeze warning for a few counties in near the South Dakota border. 

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Before winter returns tonight, it's going to rain – maybe even some snowflakes in eastern Minnesota – and be miserable and chilly most of the day Sunday. In fact, wind chill will be a factor, with winds making it feel like it's at or below freezing. 

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March-like temperatures are gone after tonight with the high temp Monday reaching the low 60s – still below the normal low 70s for this time of year – and then a cool and wet Tuesday will lead to temps returning to the 70s midway through next week. 


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