Damage reported as tornadoes land north and west of Twin Cities

Two twisters were reported in the Silver Lake and Forest Lake areas.
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Reports are coming in of trees and buildings damaged by tornadoes and strong winds on a stormy Sunday in Minnesota.

There were two confirmed tornado sightings in the Biscary and Silver Lake areas of McLeod County, about 50 miles west of Minneapolis, at around 3:15 p.m.

This was followed by two more twisters seen north of the metro, landing in Forest Lake and Scandia.

Here's some footage from the Silver Lake tornado.

There have been reports of damage in both areas the tornadoes landed, with pictures coming in showing roofs being torn off buildings in McLeod County and trees brought down in the Scandia and Forest Lake area.

The threat of tornadoes also prompted the evacuation of the Polk County Fair across the borer in Wisconsin, with the sheriff's office saying nobody was hurt.

A tornado watch remains in place for a large area of central and southern Minnesota including the Twin Cities until 9 p.m., though the tornado warnings have expired.

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