Damage surveyors say up to 10 tornadoes hit Minnesota on September 20

The original belief was that there were 5-6 tornadoes.
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The tornado outbreak that struck southern Minnesota on Thursday produced more tornadoes than originally thought. 

Damage surveyors from the National Weather Service (NWS) have been scouring areas that were hit hard and they now belief that what they thought was originally 5-6 tornadoes was more like 10

The NWS says all of the information is still preliminary, so details of the 10 suspected twisters could change. 

The strongest tornado was an EF-2 that hit Morristown, indicating estimated winds of 111-135 mph, although a prior tweet from the NWS said the Morristown tornado was "at least" an EF-2, so an upgrade to an EF-3 is still possible. EF-1 tornadoes were more common and those are capable of 86-110 mph winds. 

Here are the 10 tornado paths, essentially in the order of which they struck. 

1. EF-0 briefly touched down west of Ceylon in Martin County. 

2. EF-1 struck Granada (about 25 miles northeast of Ceylon). 

3. EF-1 went from northwest of Janesville to Waterville (about 10 miles). 

4. EF-2 hit Morristown in Rice County. The NWS said this was "at least" an EF-2, meaning it could wind up with an EF-3 rating by the time assessments are completed. 

5. EF-1 touched down northwest of Faribault near Roberds Lake and lasted until reaching Interstate 35. 

6. EF-1 hit Northfield and stayed on the ground until it hit Cannon Falls 15 miles away. 

7. EF-1 from the Cannon River Wilderness area to between Dennison and Stranton. 

8. EF-1 on the southwest side of Cannon Falls. This tornado might be the same one from No. 7, but that'll be determined later. 

9. EF-1 hit south of Dundas and lasted until it was southeast of Northfield. This one could be combined with No. 5. 

10. EF-1 from Medford to an area between Nerstrand and Kenyon. 

The NWS is also assessing an area near Cannon Falls into Pierce County, Wisconsin to determine if a tornado caused the damage. 

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