'Dangerous' wind chills to develop overnight, continue on Thursday

The NWS has put a wind chill advisory in place.
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A wind chill advisory is in place for much of Minnesota including the Twin Cities, with temperatures set to plunge overnight.

The advisory is in place until 10 a.m. Thursday, with wind chills as low as 45 below zero expected in parts of northern Minnesota, and 35-40 degrees below in west-central Minnesota.

In eastern Minnesota including the Twin Cities, wind chills are expected to drop between 25 and 35 below.

The plummeting temperature could also have an impact on road surfaces, causing flash freezing in parts of the state after light snowfall during Wednesday.

The NWS warns that the dangerous wind chills could potentially cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes.

What's more, the strong winds impacting western Minnesota during Wednesday will continue in south-central Minnesota overnight.

MnDOT has warned drivers to take extra precautions, with strong winds creating snow drifts, and contributing to reduced visibility and icy conditions overnight.

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