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Dec. 21 Novak Weather: Signals of possible snowstorm after Christmas

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Novak Weather is monitoring the potential for what could turn out to be a significant snowstorm somewhere in the region just after Christmas. 

For now, the best anyone can really forecast is the odds increasing for a "much, much more active pattern," says Novak Weather. Minnesota could find itself stuck between two different airmass, one warmer than normal to the southeast and the other colder than normal to the northwest. 

Stuck in the middle is where storm systems tend to go, and that could very well be Minnesota this coming Sunday-Monday. 

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Meanwhile, all bets are off. But there could also be some light snow on Christmas Day (Saturday). The American model is actually pretty aggressive with 3-6 inches of snow right through the metro, but that's still four days out and the National Weather Service expects the system to be fairly moisture-starved, which more in line with the European model. 

Watch Novak Video's for full forecast details. 

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