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Dec. 3 Novak Weather: Signs of hope for snow lovers

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Believe it or not, the Twin Cities has had quite a bit more snow already this cold season than there was at the same point of early December a year ago – and that's saying something considering there was a pretty solid snowstorm just after Thanksgiving in 2019. 

But the grass is bare and even the big snow piles from earlier October and November are gone retail store parking lots, so the fact that we're staring down the potential for a brown Christmas is a bit unnerving for Minnesotans who are desperate from some wintry weather. 

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The good news is that there are signs of hope, and Novak Weather discusses what might be in the pipeline in his Dec. 3 video briefing. He focuses on: 

- Continued dry & relatively warm conditions through the next 7 days.
- Increasing concern for drought conditions across MN.
- Potential for a significant weather pattern change that includes a large storm for later next week/weekend.

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