Expect hazy skies in Minnesota as smoke from West Coast fires arrive

California and Oregon have been burning for days, causing horrific conditions.
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The raging forest fires that have led to orange skies on America's northern West Coast are now having an impact on the weather in Minnesota.

Smoke from the fires has been drifting east in recent days, and on Sunday evening led to hazy skies as it moved into the upper atmosphere above Minnesota.

The National Weather Service says that this in turn will lead to more red and orange sunrises and sunsets for the next few days.

But the smoke is moving in the upper atmosphere rather than mixing in closer to ground, meaning there's less likely to be the smoky smells and major impact on air quality.

ABC News reports that at least 27 people have died across three states in the past week as a result of the wildfires, with 29 separate fires burning in California alone.

Aside from the hazy skies, Minnesota is set for a warmer few days after the chilly, late-fall temperatures of last week.

Temperatures are expected to return to the 80s on Tuesday, but will then take another dip back into the 50s by the end of the week.

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