First snow fell up north, more rain for southern Minnesota coming

It's a sight for (some) sore eyes!
Snow on the ground north of Orr, near Ash Lake, Minnesota. 

Snow on the ground north of Orr, near Ash Lake, Minnesota. 

It's just a matter of time before flakes start flying all over Minnesota, but the first dose of winter arrived overnight in northern Minnesota as rain mixed with snow in areas like Ash Lake and Effie. 

Most locations up north got rain overnight, but temps dove into the low 30s in enough locations to allow the rain to mix with snow. In fact, the National Weather Service in Duluth is reporting 1.6 inches of snow fell in Orr. 

No signs of snow anywhere to the south of far northern Minnesota, but the Twin Cities and parts of southern Minnesota are in line for more cool, wet days ahead. 

"Cloudy today and some sun is possible Friday, but another round of heavy rain will move in Friday night and early Saturday," says the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities. "Rainfall amounts of 1 to 2 inches are possible across southern and eastern Minnesota into Wisconsin."


Here's one model run that could give you an idea of what's to come Friday night/Saturday (GIF may not load in all browsers). 


The weather service also notes that if the clouds clear significantly tonight, plenty of folks in central Minnesota could wake up to frost on the ground Friday morning.

Remember, you too can get all of this information from the National Weather Service right here. That's it for today, we'll be in touch. 

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