Flash flooding as storms dump on Minnesota, Wisconsin

Ridiculous rainfall totals have washed out roads in western Wisconsin.

Overnight rains that are continuing Monday morning drenched parts southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, with more than six inches falling in some locations. 

"Please do not drive into flood waters. You don't know if the road is washed out below you," said the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service (NWS). 

Just east of the Twin Cities, western Wisconsin was hammered with rain. One Twitter user in Baldwin notified the NWS saying "There are people on top of their cars right now and local emergency services don't have enough people to assist everybody. Half the town is shut down right now."

According to St. Croix County Emergency Support Services, several roads are washed out or covered with flowing water in the Hammond, Baldwin and Woodville areas. The department says Hwy. 63 north of Baldwin is washed out. 

Baldwin Police Department issued this "URGENT MESSAGE" Monday morning: "Due to extreme flooding, travel in the Baldwin/Woodville/Hammond area is NOT advised. Numerous roads are flooded and are extremely dangerous! Hwy 63 is not passable. L roads are very dangerous."

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This map gives a blueprint for how much rain has fallen. The light blue and greens represent approximately 2-4 inches of rain, while the purple and dark blue shows where approximately 4-6 inches of rain has been dumped.

The yellows and speckles of orange is where 7-8 inches has fallen. The mass of white and gray shows where a trace to 1.75 inches has dropped. 

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Dunn, Pierce and southeastern St. Croix counties in western Wisconsin are under flash flood warnings until 8 a.m., though that could be extended as more rain continues to fall.

The radar at 7 a.m. shows storms ongoing in the areas that have already been hit hard with rain, with a strong line stretch from west to east in the Mankato area, along with more strong storms in western Minnesota that are moving to the east. 

7 a.m. radar shows more storms pushing east across Minnesota into Wisconsin. 

7 a.m. radar shows more storms pushing east across Minnesota into Wisconsin. 

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