Forecast: Really hot by midweek, storm chances to follow for Minnesota

The weather pattern could favor more storm activity in the second half of the coming week.
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It's going to be a breezy Sunday across Minnesota – quite windy with gusts close to 50 mph in west-central Minnesota – but the trend of gorgeous weather will continue. But start mentally preparing yourself to sweat by midweek. 

According to the National Weather Service, temps in the Twin Cities are expected to soar into the mid-90s by Tuesday. The forecast high Tuesday is a blistering 94 in the metro, followed by a smoking-hot 96 on Wednesday. 

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Here's a GIF that shows temperature possibilities over the next week. It's the European model's simulation, which is one of many models that forecasters use to predict what could happen, and it certainly shows an impressive warming trend followed by some more comfortable weather by next weekend. 


It'll be a little muggier by the time the very hot days Tuesday and Wednesday arrive, but it appears that Minnesota will be spared the worst humidity until Thursday and Friday, when dewpoints could surge into the mid-to-upper 60s. The rise in humidity corresponds with increasing storm chances later in the week, though it's still too far away to determine where, when and how strong any storms will be. 

At this point, the European model is showing the best chance for storms in parts of Minnesota late Wednesday night, late Thursday night, and then again at some point on Saturday. Here's a simulation that you should take with a grain of salt. 


We'll keep the updates coming as storm chances get closer. 

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