Freezing drizzle causing slick roads; air quality alert for the Twin Cities

The slick roads are causing crashes and spinouts along I-94.
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Crashes and spinouts have been reported Wednesday morning in parts of central Minnesota just west of the Twin Cities as an area of freezing drizzle moved through. 

At 7:15 a.m. MnDOT's road conditions map shows that roads are completed covered with a light coating of snow west of the metro, and partially covered in parts of the northwest metro. Roads are also slick in northwest Minnesota. 

Pink means roads are completed covered and blue represents roads partially covered. 

Pink means roads are completed covered and blue represents roads partially covered. 

Road conditions should quickly improve as the day goes on. The low-pressure system causing the light snow and freezing drizzle is quickly moving out of the region and won't pose much of a threat past 9-10 a.m. in most areas. 

Looking ahead, still no signs of much snow and temperatures will continue to rise with daily high temps in the Twin Cities in the mid- to- upper-30s Friday-Sunday, with some 40s possible in western Minnesota. 

And you guessed it... those warm temps are threatening to give many Minnesotans a grey/brown Christmas. Yuck. Alas, Santa doesn't arrive for two more weeks so there's still a chance a storm system brews between now and then, but a brown Christmas is certainly possible this year. 

Air quality alert in the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities are parts of central Minnesota, including Willmar and Hutchinson, are under an air quality alert through Thursday evening due to fine particles lingering in the air because of light winds and stagnant conditions. 

People with asthma, breathing conditions, children and anyone working or exercising outdoors is encouraged to take it easy when an air quality alert is issued. 


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