Freezing fog possible but otherwise a very seasonable weather week ahead for Minnesota

Temps will climb to freezing, maybe slightly above, this week.
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freezing fog

Freezing fog and dog prints. 

Good news, Twin Cities commuters, there's no appreciable snowfall in the forecast this week and you won't freeze your butt off when you walk out the door. 

All in all, a very seasonable week ahead for all of Minnesota with daily high temps ranging 25-35 degrees pretty much everywhere from far southern Minnesota to extreme northern parts of the state. Overnight lows will dip into the low 20s and upper teens, which is right on par for this time of year. 

The seven-day temperature outlook for the Twin Cities. 

The seven-day temperature outlook for the Twin Cities. 

Freezing fog could make sidewalks, side streets, porches, decks, bridges and ramps slick Monday and Tuesday morning, but there's hardly any appreciable precipitation in the forecast. 

The only chance for light snow and maybe some freezing drizzle this week is in west-central Wisconsin on Wednesday and southern Minnesota on Thursday. Other than that, high and dry. 

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Christmas is just a couple of weeks away now and time will tell if any significant snowstorms will brew up between now and then, but we'll save that discussion for another day. 

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