'Frigid & Snowy': The Farmers' Almanac releases winter forecast for Minnesota

Fun fact: It last snowed in the Twin Cities 110 days ago (as of Aug. 26).
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It's been 110 days since it last snowed in the Twin Cities. Yes, there was a trace of snow measured at MSP Airport both May 8 and May 9, and pretty soon we'll be gassing up snowblowers and stretching our backs to shovel snow again. 

The Farmers' Almanac released its 2019-20 winter forecast Monday, and if they're accurate, Minnesotans could be in for another doozy.

You needn't see much more than the map below, which has Minnesota encompassed by a shade of a blue and the words "Frigid & Snowy." 

You can get month-to-month details about the winter for Minnesota by signing up for a subscription with The Farmers' Almanac, but in general, it says "the most freefalling, frigid temperatures" are forecast to "take hold from the northern Plains into the Great Lakes." 

The worst of the cold is forecast to turn us into human icicles "during the final week of January and last through the beginning of February." 

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As for snow, "above-normal winter precipitation" for the Midwest, Great Plains and Great Lakes. That certainly includes Minnesota. What's more is that they're calling for winter to linger into the spring. 

"Occasional wet snow and unseasonably chilly conditions will hang on for a ride that you may not be able to get off until April!" it says. 

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Parts of Minnesota got 1-2 feet of snow in mid-April 2018, and the Twin Cities picked up just under 9 inches of snow April 10-11 this year. 

All of this seems to fall in line with what the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting. You may have seen the "parade of storms" graphic that's starting to spread around the internet. 

Either way, it looks like Minnesota could have an exciting winter ahead. 

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