Here are the unexpected snow totals that pounded Minnesota

Didn't see that much coming!
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Some folks in southwestern Minnesota went to bed Thursday night under the impression that an inch or two of snow could fall by the time they opened their eyes in the morning. 

Nobody figured late starts and school closings would be a thing, but that's what played out Friday morning as snow totals far exceeded the forecast, dumping as much as 9 inches of snow in isolated locations. 

Check out some of these unexpected totals. 

  • 9 inches - 1 mile north of Cottonwood
  • 8 inches - Cottonwood
  • 8 inches - 1 mile east of Canby
  • 7 inches - Canby
  • 5.2 inches - Minneota
  • 4.2 inches - 2 miles west/northwest of Danube
  • 4 inches - 6 miles southwest of Eden Valley
  • 3.5 inches - 1 mile west of Granite Falls
  • 3.1 inches - 1 miles northwest of Litchfield
  • 3.1 inches - 7 miles west of Clearwater
  • 3 inches - Buffalo
  • 3 inches - Ghent
  • 2.6 inches - 5 miles southwest of St. Cloud

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So much snow fell in and around Canby, Minneota and Lakeview that public schools in all three towns closed Friday. 

Why did the National Weather Service forecast 1-2 inches and miss by as much as half a foot or more in some spots? The answer, courtesy of Fox 9 meteorologist Cody Matz

Here's a map, which you can use interactively through this link, showing where the heaviest snow totals fell. 

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