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It might actually snow in southern Minnesota this week

Don't hold your breath if you live in the Twin Cities. Not just yet anyway.
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A rare snowfall sighting is possible in southern Minnesota later this week, and it might even be enough to shovel in some places. 

But don't hold your breath if you live in the Twin Cities. In what's become the norm for the metro, the snow could very easily miss by less than an hour's drive to the south. 

It's been that kind of winter so far, with snow systems lurking north and now this one possibly spinning just south. 

It's still four days away so the forecast track will undoubtedly shift, but here's a look at the simulated future radar from the FV3-GFS computer model. It shows the bulk of the snow accumulating along and south of the Minnesota River Valley along the I-90 corridor, with even more in Iowa. 


The Canadian weather model has the snow further north, even impacting the Twin Cities, but the Twin Cities-based office of the National Weather Service wrote in its Monday morning forecast discussion that they "seriously doubt this will happen." 

It's too early to start talking about snowfall amounts, but unlike previous storm systems that have trekked through Minnesota there won't be any question about whether the precipitation falls as rain or snow. 

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It's going to get very cold Thursday in northern Minnesota and that Arctic blast will be felt Friday through the weekend in southern parts of the state, so anything that falls from the clouds will be snow. 

We wrote on Sunday about the expected sub-zero temperatures to impact Bemidji for Hockey Day Minnesota, and as you can see in the temperature graphic below, highs will struggle to get out of the single digits in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota as well. 


If you're hoping for snow in the metro, cross your fingers and hope the Arctic blast isn't quite so strong and the storm system is able to ride a little bit further north. We'll get more details on this as Friday approaches. 

Until then, get outside and clean up the dog poo and rake whatever leaves you might have left in your yard. 

Here's a look at current snow depth in Minnesota, courtesy of Pivotal Weather

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