It's a million degrees outside and there's STILL snow in the Twin Cities

The heat index is going to be 110 degrees Friday. Yet... snow.
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If you need a break from the intense heat and humidity swallowing the nation's midsection on Friday, look no further than the snow pile that remains at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. 

Airport officials took to Instagram, writing: "With this week's heat and rain, we think this will be our last snow pile update. Isn't it pretty? 😉 High-five to those of you said it would stick around until mid-July!"

Here's what the snow pile looked like March 14. 

Honestly, this is stupid. Where else in the world can a snow pile exist four months after it reached its peak, all while enduring sweltering heat and humidity?

Honest to the weather gods, it'll feel like 110 degrees in the Twin Cities on Friday afternoon. Snow shouldn't exist EVER in July. 

Basically, we're dealing with another reminder that snow will probably begin falling in the metro within the next 3 1/2 months – the Twin Cities averages 0.6 inches of snow in October – and it'll be full-on winter in 155 days (December 21). 

If Halloween marks the end of what us Minnesotans might consider "nice" weather, then we all better savor the next 104 days. 

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