It's been nearly 60 years since Minnesota had a January this gloomy

The sun hasn't broken through the clouds in a week!
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Note to Mother Nature: A little Vitamin D up here in Minnesota wouldn't hurt anyone, dontcha know?

It's been so cloudy this month that the Minnesota DNR's Climate Journal is calling it the gloomiest January in Minnesota since 1963. Seriously, check this out: 

"Weather in January can range from clear and crisp to cloudy and gloomy. January 2020 is following the latter. So far though January 27, January 2020 has had the least amount of solar radiation for a January since solar radiation records began at the U of M St. Paul Campus Climate Observatory in 1963."

The sun has not appeared in the Twin Cities since Jan. 21. You have to go back to October 2018 to find a stretch of seven straight cloudy days, according to the Climate Journal. Here's more: 

"The longest record of consecutive days with zero minutes of sunshine is fifteen days from October 30, 1972 to November 13, 1972. The 1972 streak is remarkable that on November 14 there was less than an hour of sunshine, then two more days of zero minutes of sunshine!"

So when is this gloomy stretch going to end? Apparently by the time we get to February the sun will start breaking through. 

"The cloudiest January on record (since data collection started in 1963) will continue through the end of the month (Friday)...then...some sunshine breaks out this weekend!" tweeted KSTP meteorologist Ken Barlow, on Friday morning.

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We could also get a dusting of snow over the next 72 hours. 

"Skies will remain cloudy through Friday with light snow Thursday night, and into Friday," says the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service. "The system producing the light snow is weak, so I don't expect much snow, but enough to cause slick roads, and possibly up to an inch of accumulation. Temperatures will begin to rise over the next couple of days, with very mild conditions over the weekend."

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Temperatures this weekend could rise into the 40s across southern Minnesota, with overnight lows perhaps only falling into the low 30s and upper 20s. 

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