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Jan. 14 Weather with Sven: Snowstorm update

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Upping totals just slightly from what I went with last night. There was a bit more uncertainty & range on water equivalent amounts among the models. They’re honing in more now on 0.60”-0.80”+. This will be a pretty even 10:1 ratio snowfall event- which is good for roads. Salt will work well so roads will mainly be slushy at times overnight tonight during some of the heaviest snowfall. 

Temps will mainly hover around the freezing mark or slightly above today into tonight & tomorrow.

We can expect light rain/mix this morning turning over to light snow by later in the morning through the day. Accumulations by dark will only be about 1”-2” with 3”-4” falling more overnight. 

Winds also pick up tonight gusting to 30-40 mph in the metro but over 50 mph out west. That’s why Blizzard Warnings are posted for western counties in Minnesota.

Metro totals should end up around 5”-8” (I think a half foot will be very average with a few 7”). South of the Twin Cities still looks like a bullseye. 

Watch the video for full details. 

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