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Jan. 7 Weather with Sven: What a disturbed Polar Vortex means for MN

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We're talking about the "Polar Vortex" for the first time this cold season, and the bubble of frigid air over the North Pole could be making a visit to Minnesota and the Upper Midwest at some point next week. 

The Polar Vortex became a viral term during the 2013-14 winter that saw an incredibly cold stretch of weather in early January as wind chills dropped into the negative 40s and 50s, with the polar plunge also helping result in the Twin Cities having its deepest snowpack since January 1982, according to the state climate office

An even crazier visit from the Polar Vortex happened during winter 2019, featuring four days of nearly statewide school closures Jan. 27-31 due to the extreme cold that saw Cotton, Minnesota, reach an actual air temperature of -56F twice, while the Twin Cities reached -28F. 

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It was the coldest blast of air Minnesota had experienced since February 1996. That year's Polar Vortex experience was also followed by what the state climate office refers to as "one of the greatest onslaughts of winter storms on record in Minnesota."

Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard's Jan. 7 weather briefing video touches on what a now-disturbed Polar Vortex could mean for Minnesota as soon as sometime next week, and whether or not the cold could be associated with snow. 

For now, the weather remains pretty dull in Minnesota with the exception of fog.

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