Knock on wood, but the Twin Cities is going to get a good stretch of nice weather for a change

You deserve it, Minnesota!
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beard guy relaxing outside

Be like beard guy, go outside and relax. 

Mother Nature's rainy May has been enough to send many a Minnesotan crazy. 

Alas, you'll be glad to know, the times they are a-changin'. 

Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. But FIVE mostly nice days in a row are forecast for the Twin Cities and most of Minnesota. The streak, if it happens, will be the nicest Minnesota has had all year. Here's the five-day forecast for the Twin Cities from the National Weather Service. 

  • Wednesday: 72 and cloudy, but light rain stays down along I-90. 
  • Thursday: 81 and mostly sunny. Winds 5-10 mph. 
  • Friday: 83 with a 20-30% chance of storms very late in the day or overnight. 
  • Saturday: 73 and partly sunny. Just a 30% chance of showers in the afternoon. 
  • Sunday: 73 and sunny. Calm winds. Play some golf.  

Any rain that falls Wednesday or Thursday in or around Minnesota will be light and sparse, according to the NWS. Chances are that it won't rain at all for most people. The next legit chance of rain and storms for the southern half of Minnesota is Monday or Tuesday, and that's like forever away so we'll just not talk about it for now. 

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Think about this: The best run of four or more days this month was May 9-13, where it still rained at least .01 inches three of the five days and we even got a trace of snow May 9. 

It's rained 15 days in the Twin Cities this month, and six of those days it rained at least half an inch. In fact, 2019 is the third-wettest through May 27 on record in the Twin Cities, with more than 15 inches of precipitation recorded at MSP Airport. 

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