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Losing daylight in MN| Blast of heat next week?

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Minnesota's weather stays warm Friday before a gorgeous holiday weekend, namely with the coolest mornings we've had since late-May and early June on Sunday and Monday. 

But a blast of heat from the record-setting temps in Death Valley could arrive next week. And that heatwave is likely to make the fire season even worse. 

Here's what's in today's video with meteorologist Sven Sundgaard. 

  • Preview: 0:00 
  • Losing daylight with arrival of meteorological fall: 0:27 
  • Atlantic hurricane season ramping up: 0:44 
  • Record-setting heat in Death Valley: 1:00 
  • Fire season is only going to get worse: 1:42 
  • That heat trying to move towards MN: 1:58 
  • "Pathetic" cool front moves through Friday: 2:36 
  • Cool mornings Sunday, Monday: 3:05 
  • Extended forecast: 3:30

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