May refusing to bring spring-like warmth to Minnesota

Last May was a scorcher, and this year is quite the opposite.
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Blue on the map means colder than normal temperatures are expected. 

Blue on the map means colder than normal temperatures are expected. 

We're five days into May and so far we've had just one really nice day. By the time we reach the 10th, and maybe even the 15th days of May, we still might be counting the really nice days we've had on one hand. 

It's not like Minnesotans are suffering through bitter cold, but temperatures have been below normal and they're expected to remain that way. More detail below, brought to you by our friends at Pet Evolution

Check out the 6- to- 10-day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, which essentially says there's at least a 60 percent chance of temps remaining below normal from May 10-14. In other words, blue on the map means colder than normal weather is expected. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 6.08.07 AM

The 8- to- 14-day temperature outlook isn't much more optimistic as we search for a warming trend, as May 12-19 is again showing signs of below normal warmth.

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 6.08.54 AM

What does these mean for actual temps? 

The average May high temperature in the Twin Cities is 70 degrees, and the 10-day forecast shows zero 70-degree days. If you sweat a lot, congrats. Plenty of low 60s and some days even struggling to break 50 are ahead. 


Since the beginning of April, the Twin Cities have had only five days where the temperature reached 70+ degrees: 

  • April 8 - 70
  • April 20 - 78
  • April 21 - 77
  • April 24 - 73
  • April 25 - 72
  • May 4 - 71

Last year, we had already hit 80 twice, doing so on April 30 and May 5. The rest of May 2018 was a scorcher, with the average daily high reaching 78.4 degrees, including 12 days with highs reaching 80+ degrees. 

Remember the lead-up to Memorial Day, where we had six consecutive 90-degree days, including a whopping 100 degrees on May 28? That's the kind of stuff that'll make you wish it was winter again. 

Rain chances aren't expected to be as frequent this coming week as the past week, but some showers are possible on Sunday morning across central Minnesota, albeit pretty spotty, and perhaps again Sunday night and Tuesday night. Better chances seem to exist along and south of Interstate 90 in southern Minnesota. 

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