Minnesota could be impacted by winter storm this weekend

Depending on where you live, it could bring rain, a mix, freezing rain and snow.

Dense fog Wednesday morning will greet early Christmas Day travelers, and the holiday could end with people in western, central and northern parts of Minnesota getting some light snow and perhaps some freezing drizzle. 

But the big talker is the potential for a winter storm to bring snow, rain and freezing rain to Minnesota this weekend. The National Weather Service says it's still too early to get overly concerned as it is 3-4 days away, but impacts could be felt statewide. 

"Still early for any headlines and coupled with current weather we will continue to mention the potential for storm system this weekend," the forecast office of the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities said Wednesday morning. 

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One major issue with the storm is temperatures, as it's expected to be warm enough in some areas to produce rain, mixed precipitation or freezing rain. The European, American and Canadian weather models all are currently suggesting rain and freezing rain for a sizable chunk of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities. 

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Areas west and north of the the rain/snow line could get in on the heavier snow. Again, the storm track will determine precipitation types, and the track will probably change over the next 72 hours. 

"Amount of warmer (air) ahead of the system still remains a problem as we near rain/freezing rain/snow scenario over at least a portion of the south and east through Sunday," the weather service said. 

Here's a look at what the American model is suggesting could happen Friday night through Monday. Do note again that the rain/snow line is likely to shift with future model runs


The European model suggests the storm could slow down, draw in more warm air and last through Tuesday. In this scenario, it would mean very little snow for the Twin Cities. 


Snow amounts? Still too early for that, but we'll certainly update the Weather MN blog with new information as it's released by the National Weather Service. 

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