Minnesota could get its first bout of snow this week

Winter is coming.

Don't sprint to the grocery store for milk and bread. Everything is going to be fine, but if you live in the northern third of Minnesota, you might see some non-liquid precipitation falling from the sky. 

It's called snow, and it might be cold enough for some of it up north Wednesday night into Thursday morning. 

Don't believe it? Well, it's October now, and this future radar simulation indicates there will be snow mixing with rain. 

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That's just one computer model. Other models keep it just warm enough to maintain all rain, but like the headline says, this could be the first burst of snow in Minnesota this fall. 

The National Weather Service offices in the Twin Cities and Duluth, respectively, say nothing of snow in their morning forecast discussions Tuesday.

But the NWS in Grand Forks hints at it, saying there could be some "non-accumulating" snow in northern portions of its coverage area, which includes parts of northwest Minnesota. 

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Again, the ground is warm and the air will be plenty warm for weeks to come to avoid any snowfall of significance (probably). But hey, this is Minnesota. Get ready. 

On average, the Twin Cities picks up 0.6 inches of snow in October, with 9.3 inches being the average in November. And we all know what happens December-March in this beautiful state. 

Things just tend to happen a little earlier and last a little longer up in the north country. 

You know, it could be worse

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