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Minnesota town sets new state record for annual precipitation

Waseca's record has been broken, unofficially.
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Move over, Waseca, there's a new record holder for the wettest year ever observed in Minnesota. 

According to the Minnesota State Climatology Office, Caledonia, as of Dec. 7, has received 56.59 inches of precipitation. It slips past the previous record of 56.24 inches set by Waseca in 2016. 

So, yes, the rich get richer. Caledonia is home to a high school football team that has won nine state championships since 2007, and now they own the all-time precipitation record. 

The top five in Minnesota all time, you ask? Answer, including three from this year. 

  1. Caledonia - 56.59 (2018)
  2. Waseca - 56.24 (2016)
  3. Harmony - 55.08 (2018), 
  4. Mabel - 55.08 (2018)
  5. St. Francis 53.52 (1991)

The annual precipitation record in the Twin Cities was set in 1911 with 40.15 inches, and the all-time Twin Cities record low was set a year earlier in 1910 with a bone-dry 11.54 inches. 

You can see more Twin Cities precipitation records right here


Caledonia is located in Houston County in extreme southeast Minnesota. 

Note: Precipitation records are tracked as liquid, so 10 inches of snow is equal to about an inch of rain and all records must be recorded manually in eight-inch rain gauges, most of which are monitored by the National Weather Service. 

Meanwhile, more boring weather ahead for Minnesota as it'll stay cool with highs in the teens Thursday and then the 20s through the weekend before a solid warmup to around freezing next week. 

No snow is in the forecast until MAYBE mid-week next week. 

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