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Minnesota weather: More powerful, storm-oriented jet stream next week?

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The jet stream gets more interesting next week. 

We at least see a more powerful, a more stormy-oriented jet stream late next week. But remember, we saw that last weekend and it didn't amount to much. We're definitely in that wait-and-see, believe it when you see it mode. But another storm system potentially shaping up for late next week.

It all depends on the temperatures. 

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The consensus of the models is that it will be cooler late next week than the start of the week. How much cooler is the big question and we won't know that for some time yet. 

Another factor favoring a drop in temperatures is what could be the squeezing of the polar vortex, which would allow a lobe of cold air to stretch further south. That means there is potential for some cooler temps 7-10 days from now. 

But as you know, forecasting anything 7-10 days out is very volatile and very unpredictable this time of year.

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