Minnesotans react as state enters a deep freeze

Temperatures have plunged, and will stay that way for some time.
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The deep freeze has arrived in Minnesota, with air temperatures plunging and wind chills making conditions even worse.

Temperatures are expected to bottom out this coming Wednesday, when morning lows are expected to hit 21 below in the Twin Cities.

The coldest temperature seen so far on Friday was in Cotton, where a reading of 37 below was noted by the National Weather Service-Duluth.

But wind chills made the "feels like" conditions even worse, with WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman noting that Ely was experiencing wind chills of -50F on Friday morning.

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The Twin Cities meanwhile is still on track to get some snow on Sunday-Monday, with the NWS saying there's a 55 percent chance the metro will get 4+ inches of white stuff. Naturally, the metro is once again kind on the edge of the snow line, with heavier amounts anticipated a bit further south and southwest. 

In the meantime, Minnesotans have been reacting to the coldest snap seen in the state for a considerable amount of time, given the relative mild of recent winters.

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