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Minnesota's boring December weather could get more exciting Christmas week

There might be some festive snow in the forecast.
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Weather enthusiasts will be excited to hear that the dry spell Minnesota has been in for the last two weeks could soon be ending, but not before above normal temperatures threaten to take away a white Christmas for millions of Minnesotans. 

If you're in southern Minnesota and picked up a good bit of snow in the Dec. 1 snowstorm, you're probably going to keep enough of it to have a "white Christmas." 

The National Weather Service (NWS) requires one inch of snow on the ground to qualify as a white Christmas. 

At this time last week there was four inches of snow on the ground at MSP Airport. Grassy and bare spots are already popping up in Twin Cities yards, so the chances of having a white Christmas are dwindling in the metro, and there's really not much precipitation in the forecast between now and Christmas day. 

Central Minnesota, where hardly any snow has fallen this year, is probably out of luck. It's a brown/grey Christmas for sure for places like St. Cloud. Further north there should be enough left to keep things grey/white for the holidays. 

More active weather Christmas week

According to the Tuesday morning forecast discussion from the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service, the weather pattern is "slowly becoming more interesting in terms of active weather." 

That falls in line with what NWS meteorologist Eric Ahasic told BMTN in an email over the weekend, saying the "extended forecast trends are pointing towards a switch to a colder pattern right before or around Christmas, which typically brings with it a storm system or two somewhere in the region."

"While snow chances currently look slim through next week, a festive snowfall right before Christmas is certainly within the realm of possibility," Ahasic added.

The NWS office in Duluth is also hinting at snow, saying "overall there seems to be support for a change to a pattern more favorable for accumulating snowfall at some point next week."

Temperatures will certainly be cold enough for snow next week. 


And seriously, we're showing you the GIF below just for fun. It shows a storm system moving through the area Wednesday-Thursday next week. But trust that this IS GOING TO CHANGE and the graphic below is NOT a depiction of what will happen. It's just an indicator showing a more active pattern is possible. 


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