Monday storm threat in Minnesota: Large hail, straight-line winds, tornadoes possible

It could be a loud Monday night in the Twin Cities.
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After a beautiful day Sunday the weather is expected to again turn ugly for much of Minnesota late Monday into Tuesday. 

"Severe storms will develop over the Dakotas late Monday afternoon. Storms will reach western Minnesota by Monday evening and Wisconsin late Monday night," said the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service. 

The Storm Prediction Center has placed a large area of Minnesota, including most of the Twin Cities, in a slight risk for severe storms that will be capable of producing large hail, damaging winds and a few tornadoes. 


Here's a look at the simulated future radar from the NAM Nest computer model, which shows storms firing in the Dakotas before congealing into an intense line of storms that pushes through Minnesota. 


As you can see in the animated GIF, there is also a good chance for significant rain totals in southern and eastern parts of Minnesota. Upwards of 2 inches could lead to flooding, so it's another aspect of the storm system that Minnesotans will have to deal with. 

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There's also a tornado threat, mainly for northwestern Minnesota. Once storms morph into a line, the tornado threat transitions into more of a large hail and straight-line wind threat, according to the weather service. 

If you live in the Twin Cities, most of Monday if not all of it will be just fine. The storms are expected to arrive just before after midnight, so it could be a wild light show if severe weather pushes toward the metro as the computer models suggest. 

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