New details on suspected tornadoes that ripped through Minnesota, Wisconsin

Bone Lake in Minnesota and Bone Lake in Wisconsin were hit hard.
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tornado damage

Tornado damage at a residence on Bone Lake near Scandia. 

More information is being learned about the tornadoes that ripped through areas west and north of the Twin Cities on Sunday afternoon. 

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, a suspected tornado that tore through a residential near Bone Lake west of Scandia (north of the Twin Cities) resulted in no injuries, but nine structures sustained significant damage, in addition to heavy tree damage in the area. 

Jake Heitman tweeted video of the tornado, and it appears to be a large wedge rapidly moving through the Scandia area. 

Washington County Emergency Management contacted the American Red Cross but no assistance for Scandia residents had been requested as of Sunday night. 

Further to the northeast in Polk County, Wisconsin, a possible tornado shredded at least one farmstead. Briana Zellmer took video of the damage at her parents' home, describing the destruction as "horrendous." 

"The most recent weather event affected the Bone Lake area in the Georgetown and Bone Lake Townships," said the Polk County Sheriff's Office in a Facebook post. 

"While there was significant home and secondary building damage, no reports of injuries were received and no deaths have occurred. At this time, emergency responders have checked all residents and public roadwys are being cleared. We have not received conformation of a tornado from the NWS."

Another video shows immense destruction from the Bone Lake, Wisconsin twister. 

Ironically, the apparent tornadoes did damage near Bone Lake in Minnesota, and near Bone Lake in Wisconsin. 

Here's a map showing Scandia, with Bone Lake just to the northwest of town. 

Bone Lake in Wisconsin is located about 40 miles northeast of Scandia. 

A tornado watch was issued by the National Weather Service at 2:50 p.m. and within 45 minutes there was a confirmed tornado on the ground near Biscay, which again dropped down near Silver Lake in McLeod County. 

Video of that twister from storm chaser Michael Marz also appears to be a large cone tornado. 

The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities will have damage survey teams in three areas on Monday to determine if damage was caused by tornadoes or straightline winds, and if it was tornado damage, how strong they were. 

  • Area 1: Biscay/Silver Lake areas in McLeod County.
  • Area 2: Bone Lake near Scandia in Washington/Chisago counties.
  • Area 3: Near Bone Lake in Polk County, Wisconsin. 

Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries and the there is no threat for severe weather most of the week before thunderstorm chances increase for the weekend. 

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