No signs of warmer weather as NWS claims 'winter arrives early'

As if winter wasn't long enough already.
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It's still technically fall, but forget about fall-like weather because the National Weather Service says there are no signs of warmer weather through mid-November. 

In other words: "Winter arrives early." 

"There are no signs of above normal temperatures for the foreseeable future. Normal highs this time of year are near 50, but the forecast calls for highs 10 to 15 degrees colder than that through next week," says the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities. 

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The temperature on Thursday for trick-or-treating might climb close to 40 in the Twin Cities, but once the sun goes down the temps drop and it'll be a very chilly night for walking around in search of candy. 

If there's any non-wintry news it's that a storm system is going to slide southeast of Minnesota on Halloween, keeping most Minnesotans dry while delivering a bout of snow to northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. 

For the record, the winter solstice isn't until Dec. 21, but the first day of meteorological winter is Dec. 1. There's still time for things to get back to normal for Thanksgiving and the second half of November, but the start of the month will remain cold. 

Last year, the average high temp in the Twin Cities in October was 53 degrees. Then the bottom dropped out in November with an average daily high of 34. So it's not like we haven't done this before. 

The weather service says there could be rain or light snow chances over the next week or so, but no major storm systems are in the forecast. 

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