No travel advised in western Minnesota, while heavy snow hits Twin Cities

Heavy snow has been falling throughout the afternoon.
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A "no travel" advisory is in place in western Minnesota as winds combined with heavy snow to make for treacherous driving conditions.

The advisory was initially put in place on Hwy. 210 between Fergus Falls and Breckenridge because of poor visibility.

But around 3:45 p.m. this was expanded to include I-94 between Moorhead and Fergus Falls, as well as parts of Hwy. 10, Hwy. 9, and Hwy. 75.

Conditions are worsening as the storm makes its way east too, with the Minnesota State Patrol noting difficult conditions in Morrison County, north of St. Cloud, suggesting that drivers should consider staying home.

In the Twin Cities, a handful of crashes and spinouts have been reported, though for the most part drivers are taking conditions slowly.

As of 4:15 p.m., while traffic is slow, it appears as though there are fewer vehicles on the road than usual, a sign that some workers have either left early, stayed at home or are taking transit.

Nonetheless, the National Weather Service had warned that conditions during the evening commute are likely to be "dreadful" as the heaviest snow from this weekend's storm hits the metro area.

There have also been 150 weather-related flight cancelations at MSP Airport, and 95 delays.

A blizzard warning has been put in place for the western parts of Minnesota, continuing into Saturday.

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