Noctilucent clouds phenomenon spotted all over Minnesota Saturday night

The noctilucent clouds were a sight to see Saturday night.
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noctilucent clouds

A photo of noctilucent clouds taken around 10:30 p.m. from Hammond, Wisconsin. 

If you stayed up late Saturday night and looked up to the sky you might've seen clouds that appeared to be glowing. 

Aliens? Not quite. 

What people were seeing was an atmospheric phenomenon known as noctilucent clouds, which ABC 6 meteorologist Chris Kuball explains as clouds that are "40 miles up in the sky and essentially having the sun’s light from way over the horizon bouncing off them."

"Very eerie sight but so beautiful!" Kuball wrote in a tweet, saying it's the first time he's seen noctilucent clouds in person. 

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According to, the clouds are typically only seen in high-latitude regions of the world, which is basically the Arctic Circle. 

There are dozens of photos on Twitter from people in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan who saw the clouds. Check them out. 

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