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Nov. 23 Weather with Sven: The storm that got away

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Last year, the Twin Cities and much of Minnesota was hit by a strong winter storm just after Thanksgiving. This year, a strengthening storm system will slide just southeast of the Twin Cities, giving the bulk of the precipitation to Iowa and southern Wisconsin just a couple days ahead of Thanksgiving. 

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Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard says the weather models have been all over the place attempts to pin down where the storm would track, but now the models are coming together and showing the Tuesday storm system rotating just south of Minnesota. 

That means the precipitation shield will likely be skirting just south and east of the Twin Cities. The end result should wind up being rain in Iowa, accumulating snow in southern Wisconsin, and some rain or mixed precipitation for the Twin Cities. 

Roads could become a bit slick Tuesday, but it doesn't look like shovels or snowplows will be necessary in the metro this time around. 

We'll have another update with Novak Weather on Monday afternoon. 

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