Novak Weather briefing: Hold off on planting sensitive vegetation

Low temps later this week could dip to near freezing, even in the Twin Cities.
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Old Man Winter spends his American summers in the Arctic, but he'll be traveling south to deliver a glancing blow of cold that will serve as a reminder of winter for parts of the northern United States, including Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

"We have a cold weather pattern in place. I want everybody to listen to this very closely: Anybody that thinks they're going to be planting vegetation that cannot withstand the cold, you need to refrain doing that," said Tom Novak of Novak Weather, who has partnered with Bring Me The News. 

"We are likely going to be experiencing temperatures certainly in the 30s here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and that includes the Twin Cities metro, and I'm afraid that some places are going to dip even into the upper 20s." 

Novak Weather is providing regular video forecast briefings for Bring Me The News. Here's the briefing on the incoming cold spell, which should serve as a great educational tool for anyone wondering why Mother Nature behaves the way it does. 

According to the National Weather Service, daytime temps in the Twin Cities should be in the 50s and 60s this week, but overnight lows toward the latter end of the work week could dive to near freezing, especially Thursday night into Friday morning. 

The good news is that the chilly air shouldn't be around too far beyond this week, as Novak Weather says there are signs of warmer air returning to the region by the middle of May. 

"Of course, some severe weather could come with that as we get to the middle and latter portions of May," Novak said. 

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