Novak Weather briefing: 'Ring of Fire' could bring heat, storms to Minnesota

Fans of warmer air, humidity and storms will enjoy this weather briefing.
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Summer-like temperatures and humidity are poised to arrive in Minnesota, which will be welcome news for those of you who are tired of covering vulnerable vegetation after a few freeze warnings issued in the past five days. 

Tom Novak of Novak Weather is watching for a "Ring of Fire" scenario to developing, which would put Minnesota in the crosshairs for heat, humidity and thunderstorms. 

"You're going to be sweating by early next week," Novak said in his Monday weather briefing for Bring Me The News. He attributed the sweat to rising temps – possibly with high temps in the 80s – coupled with rising dewpoints. 

The heat and humidity could aide in thunderstorm development, some possibly severe as a cold front slides through the region. 

"This front is going to be the trigger for what appears to be the potential for severe weather ... probably anywhere between Monday and Wednesday next week," Novak said. "Those of you that are looking forward to an active environment, hang in there. By early next week, we'll certainly be talking about that potential." 

Additionally, Novak said temps near 90 degrees won't be out of the question for parts of South Dakota and southern Minnesota early next week. 

Meanwhile, Tuesday morning could again feature frigid (for May) temps in the morning before some slightly warmer weather arrives. Wednesday into Thursday looks wet, which are the first signs of more humid air being delivered to Minnesota from the Gulf of Mexico. 

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